An Overview of A Trolling Motor

A trolling motor is an independent electric motor which includes an electric motor, controls, and propeller. It is usually mounted on the bow or stern of the boat. The trolling motor is used in steering the boat. It does not produce any noise as the usual motors do.


  • It is used as the primary motor in moving the boat.
  • Its soundless operation while moving on water helps to avoid scaring off the fishes and thus fishing can be done without any problem.
  • It acts as a backup motor in case of a failure of the gas motor.
  • It helps in the smooth steering of the boat.

Motor Ratings

The trolling motors are available in 12 volts, 24 volts, and 36 volts designs.Larger the voltage, larger is the electric motor.

A trolling motor’s power production is measured in pounds of thrust. The higher the number of pounds of thrust, the more substantial the trolling motor is.


Power: More is Better

While selecting a best trolling motor, the motor with the highest output unit should be selected. This is because it is better to have extra power in store. Generally, every 400 pounds of the weight of the boat requires about 5 pounds of thrust from the trolling motor to move the boat.


A trolling motor runs on electricity to generate power. This electricity is provided by the batteries on the boat. A best trolling motor battery is with a power of 12volts requires 12 volts battery; 24volts require two 12volts batteries, and the36volt motor will require three 12 volts batteries.

Shaft Length

The shaft is a tube of the motor. It is long enough to totally submerge the propeller approximately one foot under the water. It connected to the motor and the controls. It contains the wiring that links the motor to the controls.

Mounting The Motor

Transom Mount

A transom motor is mounted at the back of the boats. It is used for small boats. It is generally used for trolling or moving very short distances. It has great deliver power. The handling of transom mount motor is easy and simple.

Top Quality Trolling Motor

Bow Mount

A bow mount motor is mounted on the front of the boat. It is used in the long boats. If a boat is used for heavy purposes, then a bow type motors are used.


To steer a trolling motor is usually done by a hand control trolling motor with the help of a tiller handle, or by the foot controlled trolling motor, with the help of a foot pedal. The selection depends on the boat and owner’s personal preference.

  • Hand Controlled Trolling Motors are easy to install and to remove. This is because they are clamped to the boat with the help of a couple of thumbscrews. A hand controlled trolling motor can be mounted on both bow and transom positions.
  • Foot Control Trolling Motors are clamped using a folding mounting bracket on the bow. It can only be mounted on the bow and nowhere else. Most of the foot controlled trolling motor use mechanical cables to move the trolling motor. The foot pedal can be used from anywhere in the deck. It is pressed with afoot to adjust the direction of the motor.

It was a short overview of a trolling motor. We have discussed the uses, some common components and the different types of trolling motors.

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Most Popular Zodiac Polaris F5 Vac Sweep 280 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Featuring a unique and modern design, the range of equipment for manual cleaning Zodiac Polaris F5 Vac-Sweep 280 Electric Pool Cleaner is known for its durability and efficiency in daily responsibilities of maintaining your pool.

Zodiac Polaris F5 Vac-Sweep 280 Electric Pool Cleaner – How to keep pools clean and clear in a back garden
One of the pool disinfectants most commonly used will be chlorine. It is a germicide that kills more disease leading to organisms and also keeps the river clean and clear pool. Without enough chlorine, pool water becomes cloudy, and plankton can grow, especially if there is a lack of water circulation. And keep the pool clean and clear your yard, you need to maintain the chemical balance in the water and promote proper drinking water filtration and circulation by employing Zodiac Polaris F5 Vac-Sweep 280 Electric Pool Cleaner. You can also check out for the best robotic pool cleaner reviews.


1. Use a test kit about pool water to check water chemical science in your backyard pool. A healthy pool water should have the next levels: free available chlorine (FAC, for the acronym in English) of 2 to 4 parts per million (ppm), 0.2 ppm total chlorine, a pH degree of 7.2 to 7.8 and calcium hardness of 200 to 350 ppm.

2. Make appropriate chemicals for private pools for your backyard pool according to the results from the test kit pool. The test kit pool must have guidance on the sort and amount of chemicals to include in case you have to modify your chemical levels. Chemical healthy quantities keep water clean and clear and prevent plankton growth.

3. Scrub the sides and base of the backyard pool with long-handled brush regarding pool every two weeks during the particular bathing season. This helps steer clear of the growth of algae in the particular pool.

Best Polaris 280 Pool Cleaners

4. Clean the pool filter according to the car maker’s instructions and let the pool filter run continuously for 24 to 48 hours, if the water will be cloudy after adjusting chemical ranges.

5. Add a classifier pool water according to the recommendations on the product label and let the pool filter run for 12 to 24 hours if the water can be cloudy after cleaning the filter. Repeat clarifies treatment again if necessary.

6. Treats water from backyard pool with a flocculant to drive suspended particles settle to the foot of the pool if the classifier fails for you to clarify the pool water. Sucking water from your pool after leaving the work for some time flocculant according to the car maker’s instructions.

7. Encourage swimmers to shower previously to entering the pool. The soaps, sunscreens, lotions, scents and other personal care merchandise may decrease the quality associated with pool water. Take a shower before entering the pool can help keep the h2o clean and clear.

Tips and Warnings

• Wash your hands after handling pool chemicals to remove any substance residue that comes in contact with skin.
• Do not add chemicals towards the pool water backyard when they bathers in the pool.

If you really like the product review and want to purchase the Zodiac Robotic Pool Vacuum, you can buy from the Pool Vacuum HQ, with great features and comparison chart.

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The Death of Dahon Folding Bikes

Dahon Bikes has been in the industry for decades, revolutionizing the bicycle world with it’s first folding bike back in 1982. The companies motto then, and today, has always been trying to convince more and more people to use environmentally friendly forms of transportation. They have stuck to their motto by creating some of the world’s most amazing and affordable folding bicycles. The Los Angeles based headquarters stated that Dahon folding bikes are currently being sold in over 30 countries. The bikes are assembled in China, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Macua with the bike parts being sourced from the leading parts manufacturers in the world. They don’t just talk the talk, over seven hundred of Dahon’s worldwide employees travel to work by bicycle or some form of eco-friendly transportation.

Dahon has created some of the world’s most popular folding bikes, from the D7 series, the D3 series and the P8 series. The products have a very long history of durability, because of all the quality components that make up the Dahon folding bikes. They took control of this industry by showing the world how a folding bike can not only fold up in seconds, but it can be a quality, dependable mode of transportation for many urban dwellers worldwide. With bike’s being folded small enough to fit in your trunk, closet and under your desk at work, Dahon became the industry leader in the niche.


With any good company though, the competition becomes more and more intense as the years go by. Dahon has not been immune to the increasing popularity of it’s fiercest competitors. The industry has realized that the folding bike market is here to stay, and with the increase of eco-friendly products the bike market has taken notice. With so much attention on global warming and high emissions burning holes in the ozone layer, the folding bike market has capitalized on the need for transportation that is user friendly and planet friendly too. You can read more about the  various folding bike reviews online and also know the various models of Dahon available on the US market.

One of the folding bike companies taking huge strides towards reducing Dahon’s grip over this market is Mobic Bikes. Through innovative marketing strategies and a low price point, Mobic has been increasing in popularity over the years and Dahon has taken notice. Mobic bikes incorporate the daily lifestyles of commuters, students, and casual riders, and have maximized the mobility aspect in the design of all their folding bikes. They have been innovators in the production of the latest light weight folding bikes that are easy to ride and easy on your pocket. With attention on the planet and the small amount of space each of us seems to have lately, the Mobic line has focused on making all their bikes fold to the smallest possible size, to not intrude on your everyday living. With everyone carrying cell phones with them, Mobic has adapted the same philosophy in that everyone should be able to carry their mode of transportation with them too. It is that focus on detail that has Mobic skyrocketing to the forefront of this highly competitive industry.


One other bicycle manufacturer to keep an eye on is Montague.  What makes Montague unique is that they design and manufacture full sized folding bikes.  They even make full sized folding mountain bikes which are used by the US Army.  They do have some of the most incredible folding bikes available, like the Boston, Crosstown and Fit series. All of these models began with attention to the rider experience. Their philosophy is that you should never have to sacrifice any crucial components of a bike that was designed to fold into your trunk. Montague has focused on making sure all of their bikes can be folded in less than 20 seconds. No tools are ever needed for the Montague rider, simply pop off the tire, hit the quick release and you bike is folded.

It is clear to the bicycle industry and to the makers at Dahon, their lionshare of this market is getting smaller by the year. As the competition focus on improving rider experience, this industry has the potential to create some newer folding bikes that can only further enhance the overall enjoyment of the folding bike riding experience.

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